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The Medical Board of California pretends to offer the public the opportunity to have a physician investigated and disciplined for substandard care. But in fact they protect their member physicians, NOT the public.

I filed a complaint against a Palo Alto Board Certified doctor who did the wrong surgery on me. This *** operated on 20 of the wrong parts, including the wrong leg. This is battery. He caused so much damage to my knees and other parts that I have had 32 surgeries to try to fix his butchery, and I still need more. I can't kneel down any more, and my knees were perfect before this monster's surgery.

But the Medical Board did their "investigation" and determined that what he did was within the standard of care. Incredulous, I wrote them back, saying "operating on the wrong parts is within the standard of care???". I then sent them 40 pages of documents and photos PROVING that he operated on the wrong parts.

For months I waited for their response. Finally I called, and the case worker said, "We never got those documents". I knew she was lying, so I waited a couple days and called back and said, "if you aren't going to do anything about this doctor, I want the documents sent back to me". Within a week I received the documents they claimed they never received.

They are a corrupt organization that protects dangerous, sociopathic doctors instead of protecting the public.

Preferred solution: Revoke the license of the doctor who butchered me. .

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I agree the medical board is corrupt. But I assure you not only they do not protect the patients they also do not care about individual doctors.

They are part of a corrupt government that is owned by big corporations who own hospitals and large malpractice companies. The government officials who appoint members of the medical board all have history of receiving money from the hospitals, the california hospital association, the malpractice companies and their lawyers that provide liability coverage for hospitals and doctors. I am very sorry for your suffering. I know you are angry.

But please undrstand the malpractice against you occured in a hospital. It is important to know if the doctor who operated on you was employed by the hospital because this would establish a direct link between liability of the hospital and liability of the doctor. The hospitals are very powerful. Together with the California hospital association they donate millions of dollars to the government officials.

They also hire very poweful law firms who have lawyers with work experience in the government. Some judges who sit at the bench come directly from these law firms which make them very attractive to rich hospitals who can afford to pay for their services. So The hospitals never get the blame for any malpractice and if the doctor is an employee of the hospital or his cost of representation is very high or if the patient does not have good lawyer nobody will be blamed. If however it would be to the advantage of the hospital or the malpractice insurane company to blame an individual doctor the medical board will act on behalf of the hospital or the insurance company and the doctor will be disciplined.

The hospitals and the malpractice companies have open door of communication with the medical board to investigate an individual doctor if that would benefit the hospital or the insurance company.

I plan to start a web site and if you wish to tell your story on my web site please contact me at The recent statistics show between 200000 to 400000 people die in the hospitals every year because of preventable hospital mistakes. This is the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer in the United States.


All of those office are more terrible example$ of our tax dollar$ at work paying $alarie$ to lazy $tate employee$-it’s a joke!!

Quit wasting your time and contact a Personal Injury Law Firm to get the compen$ation you truly deserve!! It’s a shame this has had such a negative effect on your life, I’m truly sorry!

to Marie #1498065

Stop using a dollar sign instead of lower-case "s"! Looks stupid.

Palm Desert, California, United States #1314245

I had the same experience with California's DFEH. The state offices set up to protect citizens are there for show. They do NOTHING.

to Alison Kelemen #1318237

Typical in TN too. The medical board looked the other way.


Firm proof and they refused to even review it. All they did was protect the doctors.

Encino, California, United States #1299565

An attorney won my malpractice case against the surgeon who maimed me for life. The Board has done NOTHING. The doc's record is clean.

to judy #1318236

Typical in Tennessee too. The Medical Board did nothing; in fact, they denied the patient even get a chance to share the evidence (which was vast with witnesses, videos filmed on the patient's phone, ETC.) The TN Medical Board just let all the doctors off with no punishment or fine - disgusting.

Guess that is the reason why medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US according to Consumer Reports and many others.

Prescription drugs misused, wrongly prescribed, and poorly made, as well as unnecessarily prescribed (because of how toxic the prescription drugs are) are the 4th leading cause of death in the US. Put those two together...


If this is true, which I highly doubt, you should retain an attorney. Guessing you tried that first and didn't succeed because this is not true.

to Anonymous #1155441

You have obviously never dealt with medical malpractice. Here is my post giving the legal details:

to Anonymous #1177590

Attorney? What would the damages be?

I think "Anonymous" is a shill.

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