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In October of 2010 I took my wife to Kaiser hospital for a kidney stone, she was sent home with a deadly infection, I was not told where she acquired it, she died 6 grueling weeks later, I held (and still do) Kaiser hospital and the doctors that worked on her responsible. The California medical board held my complaint for 8 months with no contact to me, they were totally silent as if they were waiting for me to forget what had happened, after 8 months when I finally called, complained and pushed the issue I was told the person handling to complaint had retired 2 months earlier and the paperwork was sitting on another associate's desk for the last 2 months, they refused to do anything and just about told me to shut my complaining mouth.

Another complaint I have is that they will not communicate with you by email, you must either phone and wait for a return call or use the USPS and wait for them to write back, it does seem to me that this is a rouse to delay them from doing anything?. I have read other reviews that were favorable, if you have a minor dispute with a person in the medical field this organization is probably ok but if you have a serious complaint I don't think I would waste my time with them.

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I am sorry. The medical board is corrupt.

As a government agency they protect the freinds of the government such as hospitals, malpractice companies, their lawyers and corporations such as Kaiser because they give money to the state officials who have control over the medical board. Did you know the president of medical board is from Kaiser. The president of California Medical Association is from Kaiser. Between 200000 to 400000 Americans die every year as the result of preventable hospital mistakes.

This is the third leading cause of all death in the United States after heart disease and cancer. The reason is because the lawyers from the hospitals and malpractice companies cover up the real reason why a patient dies in a hospital to lower the cost of liability and as the result these mistakes continue to kill innocent people. If a doctor complains about these lawyers or the hospitals or malpractice companies he will be reported to the medical board and the doctor will be severely punished.

I am starting a website about the corruption in our hospitals and how this corruption is fed by the medical board when they ignore reports of malpractice by hospitals, doctors or nurses. If you wish to be on the website please E.mail me at

to Anonymous #1540820

I just read your response to my complaint about the CA medical board and yes you can add my story to your website and anything I have complained about on any other website. I will support you in any way I can, I still have hospital records, names, events etc. if you need to don't hesitate to contact me.


We are investigating the medical board and trying to get a state audit. Contact me with your story.

They closed my complaint without even investigating. Check out our patient safety website at and please email me at stopmicra@gmail.comxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xx xxx xxx xx xx xx


Did they ever handle your complaint?

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