The medical board in California is so disappointing. I thought they would be more evolved but just the opposite. I am very surprised. The attorneys abuse the privilege they have been granted in representing our board and our profession. It is also at tremendous financial expense to the state of California. It is a system that is broken. We created the equivalent of board sanctioned ambulance chasers with no accountability or honest regard for the public health.

I find that people who have had some personal struggles bring incredible insight, ethics and compassion to the practice of medicine. There are guidelines written by the AMA and California Medical Association on appropriate management of good physicians with human problems including substance abuse and the sequelae experienced. Instead the board seems to ignore both the current medical and legal standards that has been requested of them in favor of opportunism and exclusion. The public is harmed by removing good care and by degrading the profession. For the individuals who find themselves the victim of mistreatment by the board there is no recourse. Their entire lives are ruined. The disillusionment that follows is less recoverable than the original issue. They are also members of the public.

There is a attorney driven agenda with no honest regard to public confidence or care. At what point do our physician board members have the ethics and moral turpitude to stand up and fix this.

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I am starting a web site about the corruption in our hospitals that is killing between 200000 to 4000000 Americans every year. This corruption is fed by the corrupt medical board that ignores the reports of malpractice by the hospitals, hospital doctors and nurses. If you wish to be on my website please E.mail me at k562562@aol.com Thank you


We are investigating the medical board and trying to get a state audit. Contact me with your story.

They closed my complaint without even investigating. Check out our patient safety website at 4patientsafety.org and please email me at stopmicra@gmail.comxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xx xxx xxx xx xx xx


The medical board is a bunch of heartless old bullies. They are unfair and inconsistent in their handling of accusations against physicians.

They are heavy handed in cases involving licensing fees paid late, yet surprisingly forgiving of those accused of sexual crimes against patients. The people of California need to demand answers from this useless board.

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