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Vicky Thornton's transfer from Medical Board Headquarters to the bowels of the Board of Accountancy has been of seismic proportions. With NINE open positions at the CBA, Vicky and David have a different desk for EVERY DAY of the week upon which to *** with extras for twofers! Go you Rabbit Thorntons, GO. David spanks another jackpot, WOO HOO! Vicky and David didn't move alone. Ed Howard of harlot Liz Figueora's office joined the parade. Kim Kirchmeyer, formerly of MBC legal, is now dishing out legal mumbo jumbo (all puns intended) for the CBA. The CBA is quoting Julie Fellmeth that allowing accountants to transport their licenses across state lines is RACIST. Wow, the Thornton/Fellmeth/Figueroa/CPIL fun NEVER ends. What's next? Might Robert Fellmeth weigh in on CBA issues as spokeshole for Public Citizen? My bad; yes, Robert already has! Keep your eye on Renee Threadgill, she surely will make the leap to Fellmeth safety at CBA|. From here, it is only a matter of time before a target accountant is named by Julie and a posse of faux victims will appear at the CBA meetings to demand CHANGE, ACCOUNTABILITY, JUSTICE and URINE! No one knows *** like Vicky?. How much luckier can one man get? David Thornton has a plethora of open desk tops within a racist organization protected by his former MBC cronies". If only Elizabeth Schile would come out of retirement, the titanic shift of MBC corruption to CBA would be 100% commplete/. Accountants, if you drop your calculators near the CBA, kick the device home'. Bending over around the new power elite is an invitation for abuse/. Then again, you might get a million dollars from David Thornton "friending" you:.

Sacramento Bee Article: State to pay $750,000 in sex and race harassment case at medical board:

What is the penalty to David Thorton? A easy lay and more money! He still collects TWO pensions and Vicki Curry Thornton gets a promotion from desktop to headboard....and a marriage certificate.

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