The Physician Diversion Program of California was hijacked by David Thornton, former Director of the California Medical Board. David Thornton appointed stealth Trial Lawyer Lobbyist Julianne D'angelo Fellmeth of CPIL (Center for Public Interest Law) as Diversion Monitor. Her 20 years of animosity towards Physicians and Diversion was legitimized and memorialized in her November 2004 biased audit. That is equivalent to hiring David Duke to audit the NAACP. Julie Fellmeth is a Lobbist for the Trial Lawyers, hiding behind the title of Consumer Advocate Lawyer. Fellmeth has a collaborator named Tina Minasian, who in turn has a victim posse she trots out to Hearings . Tina had a lower body lift. She was given written and verbal instructions not to resume smoking or put on weight. She did, then blamed and sued the MD for malpractice. It was as if she took her best pants in for alteration, put on enough weight to rip the seems, then wanted to hang the tailor. She lost the case. Her complaint to the Medical Board was investigated and thrown out. She set up a complaint soliciting web site regarding Target Physician, and would pressure & harangue callers to make false complaints to the California Medical Board, assuring them that filing false complaints carried no risk at all. The former Executive Director of the California Medical Board who appointed Fellemth as Enforcement Monitor. What Mrs Fellmeth claims was the result of an "open and competitive" process was in fact done in secret w/out the knowledge of other more capable people. Please see the following websites which explains much of what has happened:

www.mbcconspiracy.blogspot.com Information on what happened to the California Diversion Program

www.standingup4truth.blogspot.com Information on the "Target Physician"

www.mbccorruption.blogspot.com Information about David Thornton, the former Director of the California Medical Board

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Fair Oaks, California, United States #663702

My resignation as President of the MBC is explicit evidence that the Medical Board of California is irreparable. Abolish the agency; disperse (or better fire) all its bureaucrats; investigate and criminally prosecute Kim Kirchmeyer, Barb Yaroslavsky, Hady Chang, Renee Threadgill, David Thornton and others.

to Linda Whitney, MBC Anaheim, California, United States #705460

I intend to do everything you say in your post. Any help you can provide, then contact me at lawtonmd@yahoo.com


Mom, stop propositioning my boy friends.They think you are creepy.

No one wants to see your *** photos of who are doing.My life is not about you.


The State of California announced today that the Constitutionally required state budget will not be passed as legally demanded.Robert Fellmeth is a principle cause of this fiduciary incomptetence.

The budget hold-up is how to justify Steel Case Corproation's $2.43 Billion sponsored purchase and outstanding invoice for "Vicky (Thornton) Viagra Desks" ordered and delivered for nearly every California State Agency in the past year at the behest of Children's Advocacy Institute; (how tawdry). CPIL proponents have asked for Vicky's husband, confessed sexual *** David Thornton, to use his $250,000 a year pension and Steel Case Royalties ($1,000,000+) to cover the preliminary costs of California's abusive public service pension system. By report, David's response was "***You." The MBC has agreed to bend over for David Thornton, again.

The budget of California is still in the hands of Vicky and David, sexual Wunderkinden.Julie Fellmeth, famous for "two fabrications make a truth," has stepped forward to declare, "Vicky's Vulva Viagra works."

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #436211

WOOHOO!After being outed as a dishonest nonresident of Alameda County, I have resurfaced as a sex regulator of San Mateo County.

LOOK ME UP! I am a senior executive of PLANNED PARENTHOOD MAR MONTE. What a hoot! Me regulating sex is like Madoff regulating the SEC.

How FUN! I can legally have underage men/boys hose/repose me as a demonstration and it is not illegal. The tired old limp men of the legislature wish I was still licking their backs; but not Lizard Liz, I have better legislation to stimulate. Being back in highschool is great.

The teenybopper cheerleaders don't know what hit them and why their boyfriends are busy elsewhere.I take all cummers.

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #419444

Fellmeth Insider,

Grace is granted. Do thy work. My will be done.

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #418434

Julie and Robert have donated another sacrificial lamb to the alter of Fellmeth piety.John Miles, newest USD law school graduate and pride of Fellmeth ideology is now working for Brian J Lawler (USD 2002).

Go to Santa Monica Superior Court to review how Pro Per (Pro Se) Defendant Brian West Beat esteemed Lawler like a drum. John Miles filed the Deverill vs West dismissal with Prejudice paperwork this week. Lawler lies and has no balls. OOPS, neither does Robert nor Julie: let sycophants do thy work.


Chatham, England, United Kingdom #417884

Attorney Brian Oxman, successful defender of Michael Jackson, is the latest Fellmeth target.Oxman may lose his license to practice law in California due to the Fellmeth jihad against physicians.

Oxman is standing between the unholy Fellmeth Trial Lawyer Conspiracy and the money they hope to squeeze from the 1-800-GET-SLIM marketing company. Fellmeth's co-conspirators cannot prove medical negligence since there is none, so they claim soft crimes such as improper advertising or possible misbilling insurance!

My time with the Fellmeths is limited; I cannot live in their obscene world of contrived morality and political destruction much longer.God, grant me grace from my sins for exposing the Fellmeths.

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #417539

That's Mr. *** to you.

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #411383

Learn to spell, ***.

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #410504

The city and county of Los Angeles is broke and filing for bankrupcty.Zev Yaruslavsky is emblazoning Beach sites with his name.

Zev is a Los Angeles Counnty matron who spends tax payer money for his and his wife's agrandizement. Fat faced Barb Yaroslavsky is an imbarassement to Los Angeles. End the charade!

Zev and harlot Barb need be disemboweled.Cut them bot out of office.

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #408779

Julie and Robert Fellmeth lost again.The Fellmeth's jihad against Brian West MD continues to wane.

Two more law suits created by the Fellmeth's have been dismissed with prejudice against Dr West. Look up McIlvenna vs West and Deverill vs West. Representing himself, West beat the Fellemth's best lawyers in both cases. Julie Fellmeth handed her favorite student, USD gradute 2002 Brian Lawler, a "slam dunk" case against West.

Look up the Santa Monica Court records, West crushed Lawler. West crushed the Fellmeths. The Medical Board of California is in the clutches of Julie Fellmeth. All citizens of California suffer from this unholy alliance.

When rational people ajudicate the issues, the Fellmeths lose. When the politics of medicine reign, the Fellmeths are able to win. Brian West MD has NEVER lost a case. The impotent medical board of California succumbed to Julie Fellmeth.

The MBC should be disbanded. West is the personification of MBC incompetence and manipulation. The Fellmeths are tripe who suck at the teat of government slough. All of California and medicine suffers when superb physicians such as West are tortured by the Fellmeths and their sycophants in the legislature.


Chatham, England, United Kingdom #402560

Zev made little real money from the LA Colliseum Commission, maybe a couple hundred thousand dollars or so.After paying off Mark Ridley-Thomas, David Thornton, Curtis Price and others, there was little left for my bribing the Medical Board.

Oh well, we still laugh every night about the doctors we have destroyed for fun and amusement.

Are you listening Arnold Klein?Don't worry, we protect tribe members.

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #402448

I don't have employees; there are only hostages and targets. Either way, the individual of interest is merely drek. My real name is Zeus, conquerer and overlord of all.

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #394251

1. Written by David Thornton on August 30, 2011

Thank you, Sac Bee, for erasing the truthful July 17th 2011 article about me, my active sexual abuse, illegal racial harassment and payoff of $750,000. Get a clue WORLD, I was President of the MEDICAL BOARD OF CALFORNIA. NO ONE could defy me without being crushed. Those who didn't grab their ankles were made to pay. Look at my record. Many Doctors paid alot! The truth is always IRRELEVENT! Doctor Target paid with everything he had! Such a putz that diversion fool. No one can touch me. If Liz Figueroa is safe, I am immune. Kiss my overly paid pensioned *ss.

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #356518

Fans, today is the one year anniversary of the DA of San Mateo County receiving his own specially apointed crack *** investigative's team conclusions of their innermost examination into me and my felonies.Guess what?

The DA hasn't even read the file! It still lounges on his desk with personalized butt imprints and stains. Even better, the statute of limitations expires tomorrow! I am exonerated.

It is like being made a virgin all over again...and again...and again...This is great! Justice is blind. With my integrity and chastity re-established, I look forward to Robert Fellmeth re-appointing me to the Board of Public Citizen and Julie Fellmeth re-appointing me to the Board of Citizen Action Committee and Zev Yaroslavsky making me his "special" assistant (OMG, have you seen his wife, barf). Isn't California a great state!

I am so excited! Who wants to share in my excitement? Being excited is exciting. I love being excited.

Come excite me. My address is published in the East Bay Express. Call them for the number to be excited. What an exciting tabloid!

My excitement is contagious.

Take a number and I'll excite you like I have excited the entire California Legislature.Usually Democrats first, but I take all cummers.

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #348893


We had an intimate oral exchange a couple years ago at the Nor Cal Democratic Leadership Gathering.I can draw your birthmark in detail.

It is offensive to me that you deny our personal interaction. Thank you for defending me with silence.

Giving head and getting head are political postures that change like the seasons.Good for you about getting.

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #347824

Who's Liz Figueroa? Why should I care?

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #347390

STOP calling me.Contact Steve and Nancy for questions and answers.

I don't know how or why Figueroa is not indicted yet, call the relevant authorities. See previous post.

Call CPIL and Fellmeth for explanations of patronage.Leave the AG CCC out of this cess pool!

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #344358

The District Attorney of Contra Costa County has had nothing to do with the on-going case against disgraced ex-Senator Elizabeth Figueroa of Alameda County.For information on the status of the "investigation," contact the offfices of Alameda County DA Nancy O'Malley and San Mateo County DA Stephen Waggstaffe.

To my knowledge, they conspired for one DA to do a sham investigation and the other DA to forget to file charges of Liz "Harley Starter" Figueroa.

Again, the honorable office of the Contra Costa County DA did not besmirch its good name nor pollute its internal politics with the sleeze of Liz.Thank you for your time and correction of the record in this matter.

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